Meet Project Love Letter!

I love it when great things pop into my in-box, like Project Love Letter from Saint Merry: a 10-day challenge to send handwritten happiness to the people you love.  

Inside this copper-foiled box are 10 folded cards, each emblazoned with a powerful word: Joyful, Brilliant, Generous, Creative, Authentic, Powerful, Brave, Lovely, Wise and Strong, plus a pretty copper pen. All you do is send one a day to the person who you feel best represents the word on the front.

“Project Love Letter was an idea I actually had one day while hanging around with my husband Ira discussing how to create a product for my current clients that reflects the values of kindness & encouragement,” explained Kristina Akers. “It’s the first retail product I’ve ever had, and I’m in love with the idea that for every person who participates in the challenge, there are 10 (people) who receive random kind words about how someone sees them. I knew I was going to move forward with this idea when I realized that if only 100 people ever do the challenge, I would have created something that impacted 1000 people. That made my heart come alive.”

The simple design is no accident, she continued. “I began with pretty colors and pattern concepts in the early stages and realized (that by) stressing over what it should look like, I was missing the heart of my intention altogether. So I simply wrote down the word for each card in my authentic handwriting. I tried to stay true to the idea that I wanted my handwritten word to inspire & kickstart someone else’s handwritten words.”2 FullSizeRender IMG_1852 IMG_1934 IMG_1935 IMG_3154 IMG_3141 1It’s fitting that this has been a collaboration in the truest sense for the couple. “Ira and I have never worked on a project together like this, but he has put a lot of intention and energy (and business sense) into encouraging and promoting this idea, and I’m so thankful,” Kristina finished.

So, are you up for this challenge — or perhaps you know someone who needs to do this? Pick up a set here for $27, and while you’re there, make sure to check out Saint Merry’s dreamy personalized stationery. IMG_3161