Little Lifts from Shades of Expression!

Sometimes the best option is to just slow down and take it easy, which pretty much encompasses my holiday weekend plans — and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that. Fortunately, Shades of Expression Designs creates each artful item with an eye toward making the most of small, private moments. Home and office offerings like magnets, coasters and mugs help create quiet, comfortable domestic spaces, while greeting cards and note cards bring faraway loved ones together.

Every last item in their expansive range is proudly produced by a New Jersey family comprised of one grandmother, two daughters and one granddaughter. “We are all about love, happiness, and positive feelings,” daughter Mandy wrote me — and I think those sentiments shine through loud and clear!

From giftwrap to clipboards, there’s a small splurge just waiting to brighten your day, or that of a faraway loved one. I for one am loving their brand-new personalized flat cards, but there’s so much gorgeous hand-illustration to discover in this artful rabbit hole. Start your shop here!