LetterBox Times Four!

It’s been a year now since Karla Ebrahimi introduced her LetterBox to rave reviews from Oprah and Forbes, and now the Sky of Blue Cards founder has brilliantly expanded her collection of stationery subscription boxes.

First off, meet LetterBox Lite. Karla describes it as “a pared-down version of the original LetterBox that still builds a greeting card collection and  inspires the art of letter-writing time and again.”

At the start of each month, a sturdy kraft mailing envelope arrives with three carefully selected letterpress cards. One is themed specifically to that particular month, while the other two range from birthday greetings, encouragement cards and congratulations cards, to note cards and thank yous. Each envelope is already stamped with a custom design!

“Our hope with LetterBox Lite is to continue to appeal to our LetterBox subscribers, and also to individuals who love fine stationery and always have a few cards on-hand!” Karla told me. letterboxlite3 letterboxlite6 letterboxlite2 letterboxlite5LetterBox Lite is a 12-month subscription that can be canceled anytime. You can pay $14.99 monthly, or make a one-time payment of $149.99 (which is the equivalent of 2 months free). All shipping charges are included the pricing. Order one hereletterboxliteThere is so much cultural talk about a real need for gratitude, that is, focusing on what we already have as opposed to what we desire. With that said, meet the Gratitude LetterBox“It’s fascinating that studies show practicing gratitude increases happiness,” agreed Karla. “To me, practicing gratitude means living an authentic and appreciative life for all things no matter how small. Writing someone a note and making others feel appreciated and loved is a large part of that practice.”

This LetterBox speaks to that need, filled with five gratitude-inspired letterpressed cards wrapped with baker’s twine, 
five custom LetterBox postage stamps; a white glasses writing pen by Seltzer’s Seven-Year Pens; a “Gratitude is Everything” pencil; a handmade gratitude jar filled with 10 mini olive scrolls to write what you are grateful for; a packet of “Random Acts of Kindness” wildflower seeds from The Vermont Wildflower Farm; and a Small Fortune coin purse by BlueQ as a reminder to enjoy even the smallest things in life.gratitude2 gratitude5 gratitude8Order it here for $49.95. gratitude6There’s no shortage ofBreast Cancer Awareness (BCA) product this month, but I can’t think of one this heartfelt, authentic or focused on providing support to those engaged in the life or death battle with this disease. Agreed Karla, “We created this box in support of all who have fought the fought or are fighting the fight of this disease. It’s our small way of saying, you are strong and beautiful and we are with you.”

Tucked inside nests a boxed set of eight “Strong, Fight Like a Girl” BCA cards; eight custom LetterBox postage stamps, in BCA signature pink; three clear vinyl die-cut motivational stickers — designed by Karla herself! — durable enough for water bottles, laptops, or cars; a pink unicorn writing pen by Seven-Year Pens; an Aquiesse Pink Peony Soy Travel Candle; and a pouch of imported Bella Rosa Rosewater Candy Rosettes from Italy from fine confectionary retailer Sugarfina.  letterbox_breast2

letterbox_breast6The goal with both specialty boxes, Karla told me, was to bestow a sense of reflection and rejuvenation among those who receive it — and I don’t see how either could miss the mark! Shop it here for $49.95. last_breatI have to say, fall is my favorite season, so I am really loving the Autumn LetterBox. “This box is inspired by the season of thankfulness and all those cozy fall feelings that come with it,” Karla said. “My hope is our subscribers and customers will make themselves a cup of tea and go find a quiet place to write some letters and notes to the people they care about.”

Inside you’ll find five letterpressed cards tied with brown satin ribbon; five custom blue LetterBox postage stamps; 1 Goal Digger black & gold pen; a sheet of Trees or Birdies gift wrap; two kraft gift tags with a cute little wooden clip; a mini-wooden spool of twine; a taster packet of Sugarfina Pumpkin Pie Caramels; and 2 Republic of Tea teabags, again with a cute little wooden clip.fall_1 fall_2 fall4 fall5 fall6So fun! It will begin shipping September 21 — the day before the first day of fall — so get yours here! You can buy it singly for $45, or you can buy the next two seasons for $70 or the next four for $140. fall7