From Zurich with Love

In more “normal” years, this would be the season for my in-box to be filled with fantastic new makers. For me, exploring each one is like discovering a new little world. While the quantity may have decreased for now, that just makes every new brand that much more precious. And in the case of Lykkefund Paper, surviving the pandemic solidified its mission.

Founder Daniela-Karin Raffl is Austrian living in Zurich. She studied graphic design, and her while studying abroad in New York, “I realized that there is a whole world of greeting cards out there,” she told me.

Post-graduation, Daniela-Karin worked in marketing for a few years, but like many of us, felt something was missing. “When my job was cut I suddenly realized what it was, and that I had almost lost my childhood dream,” she continued. “Lykkefund Paper for me really meant going back to my roots.” 

However, three months post-launch, COVID-19 appeared. “During that last year, it would have been so easy to give up, but instead, I continued to work on my business. I am extremely glad that I did. I had so many happy customers, some of them even wrote me thank-you notes, which still baffles me. One wrote me that it was a very hard time for her, but that the package she received uplifted her so much, she felt that she wanted to thank me for it. This was the moment I knew what Lykkefund Paper really is all about.” 

“Lykkefund” is a Danish word, derived from an old climbing rose called “Lykkefund,” which means “lucky background” or “lucky find”. “When I came across that name it just clicked,” Daniela-Karin told me.

All the cards are hand-drawn with gouache acrylics, with every last detail lovingly rendered. Daniela-Karin is inspired by landscapes, travels, books, movies, photography, but whatever the subject, her work is about telling little stories, inspiring, and uplifting. That definitely comes through in her charming designs!

As you can see from her work, Daniela-Karin sees a card as a small piece of very sentimental art. “I like to imagine that people keep a Lykkefund Paper card somewhere on a shelf, pinned on a board, fridge, or their desk, to look at time and again, and think about the people who sent it to them. That thought makes me so happy. Especially now with coronavirus, it seems to me that these connections are even more meaningful.” 

Everything is packed plastic-free with love, and Daniela-Karin has worked hard to ensure that every other element of her product is eco-friendly as well. Start your international shopping expedition here!