Dreamy Invitations from The AV Design Factory

The invitation business, specifically wedding invitations, has changed so much over the past several years. There was a time when they were only sold via brick-and-mortar stores, but then the internet happened and changed everything. So now while wearing my Stationery Trends hat, I don’t come into as much contact with the really interesting small vendors since they don’t wholesale — and I really miss it.

So I was thrilled with Angela of The AV Design Factory in Long Island sent me a few images … her work is utterly dazzling! The meticulously executed wares from this Long Island house of design are studies in subtlety, full of well-executed surprises. Angela designs them with an eye firmly fixed on the experience of receiving them — and what bride could ask for more?

Below is Angela’s Flora design. The etching-inspired floral is eternally appealing, especially when revealed from beneath a wax seal encasing a vellum enclosure. This is the ultimate clean statement in black and ivory. Angela also shows it on her site with a coral ribbon and envelope for a splash of subtle color.Here is a (very well-named) design called Wisp. It’s delicate and natural yet oh-so refined, with another big reveal.  When Angela plays with color, she uses it deftly to transform the entire vibe. Here is Breaker in navy, complete with copper return address printing and seal.And here it is in shades of aqua, rich with a golden agate-inspired stripe!Brides-to-be can shop for samples here to experience receiving these in the mail themselves! Use the code ADVFSAMPLE at checkout for free checking. 

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