Down the Rabbit Hole with Anna Bond

My first exposure to Alice in Wonderland came via the Disney movie around the age of 5. My grandfather took me to see it at a now-closed movie theatre —a plush red velvet paean to 70s design called the Vogue — and I was pretty much terrified throughout, beginning with Alice’s trip down the rabbit hole and culminating in her being chased by the angry queen. To be frank, I’m still not sure I could sit though it. 

I much prefer this soon-to-be-released literary version from Puffin, commemorating the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, richly illustrated by none other than Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.

Alice has been completely reimagined and reillustrated in this complete and unabridged text, with each page adorned with Anna’s trademark, colorful artwork. Alice’s wild adventure is that much more whimsical and fanciful seen through Anna’s eyes.

The lushly presented gift edition features an impeccably designed dust jacket with original artwork, original case cover art, original endpaper art, quality paper stock, full color interior, the works! The cover is foil-stamped, the binding smythe-sewn. But don’t take my word for it … check it out for yourself.

endpaper copy 2
Alice_2white_rabbit copy

scary copyback copyspines copyThis is definitely an heirloom in the making! Preorder it now here, $30, and you’ll receive an exclusive Alice bookmark when shipments begin October 27.