Completely Stuck on

A few years back, I made the difficult decision to stop generating trend reports for Gift Shop Plus and delve deeper into stationery. I have absolutely no regrets to officially committing to be an even bigger paper nerd than before. Meanwhile, Stationery Trends continues to cover the gift and home product categories as they relate to more upscale card and gift shops and boutiques, so I am still able to scratch that old itch.

And I still stumble across plenty of more gift-y companies that I find exciting. Take Since its spectacular temporary tattoos are printed on paper, this is *technically* a stationery company, but I’m not going to split hairs here.

What you need to know is that these are not the temporary tattoos we have come to expect. Yes, these are made from non-toxic ink, are easy to apply and last up to five days. And is located in Kyiv, Ukraine, so any support really goes far here.

But let’s talk about the imagery here — it’s extraordinary enough that you may want to permanently adhere it to your skin! By turns artful, gorgeous, fun and cheeky, I think you will agree that elevates the entire temporary tattoo category with a distinctive sense of sophistication. But enough from me: Let the eye candy commence!

I love how skin tone and image choice really make each applied design completely unique. So nerds, you can start your shop here. And, if you are looking for something custom or corporate, is all ears! Meanwhile for my friends in the wholesale space, does have a US warehouse to aid order fulfillment. While they have exhibited stateside in the past, for now you can shop them 24/7 on Faire.