Child’s Play with Shades of Expression!

I wholeheartedly agree with Whitney Houston that children are indeed the future — and when it comes to stationery, our collective destiny is directly linked to nurturing the next generation of card-senders, letter-writers and (physical) invitation senders. 

Fortunately, Shades of Expression Designs has embraced this worthy cause with a slew of kid-approved designs. “We sell a lot of children’s birthday cards,” the company’s Amanda Bush told me. “I think people of all ages are buying them for children’s birthdays — parents, young adults, and even children for their friends.” 

Here’s a peek at their expansive, colorful offerings, replete with balloons, baseball and best friends.

Shades of Expression Designs is a woman-run, American family enterprise in every sense of the word. Three generations of woman — one mom, two daughters and a granddaughter — comprise the team. Everything is packaged in their Warren, New Jersey, studio and shipped within two to four business days via USPS. Get your shopping started here!