The Paper Behind the Product

Part of the fun of this blog for me is getting a sense of what goes on behind the scenes of making stationery — the myriad choices and considerations that go into making a final fabulous product. As I’ve worked with Mohawk over the past year, I’ve become curious to learn which design houses I am already familiar with use their products.

It’s no surprise that Felix Doolittle is one of the many who do so — their exquisite and very high-end offerings are as couture as stationery can get. If you are lucky enough to receive a Felix Doolittle card from a loved one, or perhaps borrow a book from a friend bearing their one of their personalized ‘Ex Libris’ bookplates, you can’t help but notice the artistry and detail that goes into it.

The line revolves around Felix Fu’s charming watercolor illustrations and was founded in 2003 by Felix and his wife, photographer Loren Sklar. “We’ve consistently used Mohawk papers since our start,” Loren told me. “Our small note cards have a distinguished history of always being on Mohawk papers (while) our signature line of note cards are (and have always been) printed on Mohawk Superfine. Note cards and small note cards are the core of Felix Doolittle and much-loved. Our very popular personal calling cards and moving announcements are printed on Strathmore.”

As you can see below, Felix definitely succeeds in his goal of elevating the very human art of communication, and Mohawk papers are the ideal canvas for this. Superfine is literally the finest printing paper made today, while Strathmore, available in writing, pure cotton and premium varieties, has set the standard for design and innovation since 1892 and infuses whatever it creates with instant luxury. “We use Strathmore Premium for our calling cards, and all our labels (kitchen labels, book labels, and address labels) are on Strathmore Writing … but as label paper,” Loren told me.

Felix’s watercolors are joyful, nostalgic and lively — and the paper selections help elevate each piece into a miniature work of art. Oh, and you can see (and feel!) them all for yourself at the upcoming National Stationery Show this May.

IMG_7433_2_2 OC_IMG_0071 OC_IMG_0103 SONY DSCRAL red rider Small NC_IMG_6818Swinging Bench Note Cards

Loren shared a bit about what went into Felix Doolittle’s paper selection process.

SS: Why did you select Mohawk over other paper manufacturers?

LS: We decided to use both Mohawk Superfine and Strathmore papers for their just-right colors, textures, quality, and consistency in printing. The choice was easy!

SS: How do you think the paper positions your product?

LS: Felix Doolittle creates a high-end product, papers to be treasured for what has been written on them, or what will be written. We also create products that we hope make people happy. We chose our paper with the same level of care and consideration that we bring to all things Felix Doolittle — from Felix’s charming watercolor illustrations to the hand-cut papers that we artisanally produce and finish in our studio Mohawk and Strathmore were the obvious choices to deliver the quality that represents our brand. Additionally, both Mohawk and Strathmore are pH neutral, which means that their papers and labels will remain in families for posterity. 

SS: Have you received any paper-related feedback from customers?

LS: People who love paper are tactile people. They love the feel of good paper, they love to see and feel the way a pen moves across the surface. Paper is really a very sensual thing. Our customers love our paper choices!

Felix Doolittle is currently having a holiday sale & offering 15% off sitewide. It’s definitely worth taking a look around their newly revamped site and splurging on yourself or a loved one!