Carda & Co. Business Cards

My philosophy on business cards is simple: One can simply never, ever have enough. This goes double if you juggle a few personas — you need to have a card at the ready for each. As a printed extension of the self, you want to leave a chic impression long after you’ve split.

So when Carda & Co. approached me recently to try out their letterpress services, I was game — especially after looking around their site. Their aim is to provide high quality, luxurious paper goods at affordable prices. Super-thick textured paper, clever design, edge painting, fun fonts, even blind letterpress — all are not the exception but the rule here.

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I wanted mine to encompass everything I do — that is both magazines as well as this blog. It’s enough info that the vertical format worked best. As for font choice, I really wanted to use Eloquent Pro. I adore its modern feel, with a sleek little unexpected edge.

We updated many of the fonts in Stationery Trends for our spring issue (hitting mailboxes very soon, by the way!), and this was one that we’d reviewed that was ultimately not selected. The Carda team generated several mock-ups — during which time I realized that though I loved Eloquent’s swash-a-rific options, they were a little much in this format.

At any rate, I am so thrilled with the final result and can’t wait to start handing them out. They are very high quality, super-thick with a really satisfying bite to the letterpress.

Thank you so much Siyun and the Carda & Co. team for bringing them to life! I would definitely recommend their services — and their prices seem most reasonable. With National Stationery Show around the corner, there’s not a better time to indulge.IMG_5428