A Peek at Legion’s #NSS2018 #PutAStampOnIt Promo!

This is the third year that I’ve been a part of Legion Paper’s National Stationery Show promo — but I am as excited about this year’s as though it was the first. The theme this year is #PutAStampOnIt, and while we are still finalizing paper choices and a few design details, here’s 22 participants whose booths should only be missed at your own risk.

They are: Hester & Cook; Pinwheel Print Shop; ilootpaperie; Halifax Paper Hearts; Pinky Weber Studio; Paper Bandit Press; Up With Paper/UWP Luxe; Page Stationery; Typoflora; Good JuJu Ink; Smarty Pants Paper; Boss Dotty Paper Co.; Gotamago; Lily & Val; Ginger P. Designs; Inklings Paperie; The Regional Assembly of Text; The Imagination Spot; Euni + Co.; Collen Attara; Albertine Press; and Fresh Out of Ink.

Just as we hoped, this year’s collection is letterpressed, risographed, die-cut, with lots and lots of gorgeous foil — and just though-out in every aspect of the word. Here’s a taste of what you’ll be able to gather on the show floor — again, these designs may not be 100% final.

This is the front of Colleen Attara’s design — I’ll let the back be a surprise! Leave it to Colleen to come up with a message that leaves you uplifted in this rather uncertain moment in time. Fun fact: Judy Blume visited Colleen’s booth last year as she walked NSS in search of merchandise for her bookstore. I still haven’t quite recovered from not crossing paths with her.
Next up is this beauty from Ginger P. Designs. This one will be die-cut with gorgeous gold foil edging, plus gold foil accents on the .49 cents, Made in the USA, wax seal, stamps on the envelopes, and washi tape accent details!Now we have this luxe design from Up With Paper/UWP Luxe, who has again outdone itself. Instead of a single large stamp, they divided the card into four sections with perforated die cut details. Each stamp features a quote, which will be applied with deep copper foil.  These would be so perfect on a letter!In this homage to its beloved San Francisco, Juju the Elephant (Good Juju Ink’s mascot) rides high on the original Wells Fargo U.S. Mail stagecoach. Meanwhile the 49 cent stamp tips its had to San Francisco’s own 49ers. The design is planned to be die-cut, with the border text, the “forever”, the “U.S. Mail” text, the feather quill, and the “49 cents” all gold-foil stamped.All I can say about this one from Pinky Weber is, never in all my days did I think we’d get a sheet of Lindsay Lohan mug shot stamps — but I love it!
Here is the front of the design from The Regional Assembly of Text. I love this sweet ode to letters traveling the globe — and the back features a brilliant take on their application for maintaining a friendship over a long distance card.This four-color, Pop Art-inspired risographed beauty from Smarty Pants Paper Co. is all about Lips! Lips! Lips!

There is so much I adore about this rose-gold foiled design from Australia’s Typoflora. For starters, each stamp would look amazing on an envelope in and of itself, but works so beautifully on the sheet. I know this one will be amazing in person!Hopefully you can see why I’m so excited by this project — these collections are going to be so cool! You can expect the papers to elevate each design far above levels you can see on your screen, as they are carefully culled from the over 3,000 that Legion distributes from 16 countries.

Oh, and did I mention in this post that the box is designed by none other than a designer you may have heard of named Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.? She designed this year’s USPS Love stamp — which you can find at most post offices, but her box is only at NSS! Get yours early, as you know they’re going to go fast. Oh, and if you are like me and can’t get enough of this project, we’re asking everyone to share their process on Instagram as their stamps come to life with the hashtag #PutAStampOnIt.

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