What I’m Liking This Week: Sarah Sloboda

I first came across the work of photographer Sarah Sloboda in 2010, when I was working on an article for Stationery Trends on The Brooklyn Pop-Up Wedding Series, a collaboration between The Wedding Library, 303Grand, Brooklyn Bride and Martha Stewart Weddings. The month-long event featured a bevy of promotions, including five real weddings in a Martha Stewart Weddings’ Pop-Up Chapel. Sarah Slobada was one of the photographers who shot them, and I remember being struck by her work as I compiled the piece. 

I forgot all about this until last year, when I received an email from a local toy store, letting me know Sarah was setting up portrait sessions there. It took me a moment to place her name — but once I did, I knew we had to sign up!

Turns out Sarah is a Cleveland girl, like me, but lives an amazing lifestyle, jetting around the world to take her signature rock-and-roll photographs of children and families. A true renaissance woman, Sarah also works as a script doctor and writing coach and also pens a really amazing blog, Hatch — but I’ll let her tell you a bit more about her philosophy & perspective.

Now Sarah has released an amazing range of greeting cards on Red Bubble, taken during her peripatetic adventures and paired with pithy copy. Like all of her work, they don’t really look like anything else I’ve ever seen. Choose from color-drenched vistas in London, Paris or Los Angeles. They are printed on a lovely sturdy stock, $3.50 each.


And I would be remiss to not mention that her photographs are beyond incredible! She shot these of my daughter Veronica and dog Scout a few months back, and my main issue is which ones to order — I love them all so! I couldn’t even whittle down selections for this post without Sarah’s help. She really manages to capture the essence of her subjects for posterity — not an easy task!schwartz_0003_proof schwartz_0008_proof schwartz_0010_proof schwartz_0013_proof

Sarah also does headshots for that perfectly polished social media persona. Check out Sarah’s photo tour here … maybe she will be in your town soon!