This Just In: Washington Strong!

Often it feels like there are so many natural disasters, it can be hard to tell one from the other. But if you are from Washington, Illinois, you won’t soon be forgetting the EF4 tornado that ripped through as many as 1000 homes and killed at least six people in the state Nov. 17. One source said it was the most powerful to hit Illinois in November since 1885, with wind speeds exceeding 200 mph.

Randy Nieukirk of rCards is a native of the area, and was there visiting family and friends when the tornado hit. “Luckily, my family was not hurt or injured, but several friends did have their homes and belongings destroyed!” he told me. “I’ve created a Washington Strong card representing the strong sense of community in Washington, Illinois, and new beginnings. They are only available in ‘Washington Strong Orange’ and feature the city’s ‘old’ water tower. They have been a BIG success in Washington and surrounding cities.”

Earlier this month, Randy gave away boxes of cards to the people of Washington; any resident was able to get a free box of six. Now rCards is donating 50% of all proceeds of ANY cards sold from their website during the month of December to the City of Washington Tornado Relief Fund. These images showcase the Washington Strong rCards, but again, 50% of ANY cards sold on will go towards the relief fund.

So if you’re still searching for a last-minute gift, take a moment to browse. You may see something you like, and your money will go to a most worthy cause!