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This Just In!: I’m Off!

I am pretty excited to leave the frozen tundra that is the Midwest to head to the frozen tundra that is New York City! I’m off to judge the LOUIEs and hopefully get a little time in to walk NY NOW (to say nothing of hitting a few favorite boutiques and the American Girl Store).

In honor of the trip, I’m sharing a few stationery & gift favorites emblazoned with representations of the Big Apple. First up is a fun mini (3″x4″) notebook from Ecojot. All paper and board is made from 100% post-consumer waste, and it’s designed and printed in Canada. $4.75 Canadian, available here. They’re also in booth 7554 at NY NOW.


Then we have a very charming Charm Set (well-suited to a cosmopolitan coast-hopper, actually) from John Wind Maximal Art, Booth 8134.


Next up we have these fun Bridge & Tunnel coasters from Fishs Eddy through Aesthetic Movement. They’re in booth 3958.


And finally, we have this lovely map, part of a set also including visions of Paris, Tokyo and London from the lovely Anna Bond at Rifle Paper Co. You can get a box of eight (two of each design) here, but you can also shop the line in booth 7417!


With any luck, TPC will be posting throughout the week. Until then, cheerio & stay warm everyone!