The Power of Praise

I’d like to end the week than with something bright and beautiful — and the Inherently Optimistic line from RED Paper Boutique is just that golden ticket!

“As mental health nurses, we truly understand the impact of a simple compliment and how it can increase self-esteem and confidence, the company’s Gabriela Dersch told me. “This was the inspiration for our newest cards — mini cards with a big impact! These were created for parents to give to their children; for employers to give to their employees; for friends to give to each other — all ways for people to show how valuable and appreciated they are.” 


Measuring just 5″x3.5,” these cards, printed on nice heavy cardstock, pack a big, vibrant, gold-foiled punch! minicards027 minicards029 minicards076
Buy a bunch here for $4 Canadian (about $3 US) a pop — you never know when the opportunity will arise to pass one along!