Keli Spanier of Colette Paperie

I often talk about makers who run their businesses with key support or partnerships with relatives, but for Keli Spanier of Colette Paperie, her Mom nurtured her business in a completely different way. While Keli was caring for her Mom as she was battling cancer, Keli saw the cards her Mom was receiving and realized she could do a lot better. Why send a sad card to a sad person? she wondered, and the seeds of Colette Paperie were planted.

Later, Keli’s inheritance from her Mom enabled her to leave her “soul-sucking” corporate job to establish her “funny and weird” brand. Colette Paperie’s mission is to revive snail mail with cards that you simply cannot not send.

Tune in to hear Keli spill the tea on her recipe for an effective card, her approach to creating vibrant hand-lettering, and how how Donald Trump became both unlikely muse and substantial benefactor throughout that administration. You may not ever see a greeting card quite the same again!

Music Credits: “Your Treasure is Your Self”; written and performed by Sharon Glassman; Courtesy of Sharon Glassman/Smile Songs.