Antiquaria’s Emma James & Bailey Rivera

A brand doesn’t always evolve in a straight line. Just ask Emma James and Bailey Rivera, co-founders of Antiquaria. Over the last decade or so, these two stationery It Girls have maneuvered their brand down a path that from the outside may have appeared somewhat circuitous — but each step to success was as carefully considered as the charming calligraphy curlicues that are a signature of this exquisite range. 

Emma Bailey, left, and Bailey Rivera

Thus the Antiquaria story includes chapters during which the duo generated a fantastic vintage housewares registry and luxurious wedding invitation suites — and this may be the first maker I’ve encountered whose warehouse and shipping spaces once consisted solely of storage units! These days, Emma and Bailey reside in different states, but maintain a light-filled Mercantile retail space in Littleton, Colorado.

Lately it’s been doubling as a studio for their YouTube channel, which for the time being have replaced their in-person workshops.

Listen in as this uber-talented design duo talk collaboration, creative process, differentiation, minimalist shop design, and building their craft community online. They provide a wealth of knowledge and inspiration that you don’t want to miss! 

Music Credits: “Your Treasure is Your Self”; written and performed by Sharon Glassman; Courtesy of Sharon Glassman/Smile Songs.