Catherine Hildner of Kitty Meow Boutique

Stationery is filled with makers who have taken a risk and started their own brands. Catherine Hildner launched Kitty Meow Boutique with the idea that every glam offering she puts out into the world, be it card, coaster or pencil, should make others feel special. Divided into witty and sweet offerings, the look is posh and the vibe is smart in every sense of the word.

Unlike most makers, Catherine also sees her brand as a catalyst to help others take similar risks. Catherine offers various mentorship programs, but she didn’t stop there. She also started a podcast, Dreams to Plans, with her co-host Renee, to empower other entrepreneurs to bring their own visions to life. It’s designed to help small, creative business owners find new perspective and insight, and between the two of them, they have packed so much practical, down-to-earth knowledge into this project. Game plans, core values, customer avatars, picking your platforms — these complicated processes are broken down to be intimidating no more! 

Catherine is an energetic dynamo of wisdom, making her the perfect guest for the last TPF episode of the season as well as 2020. We cover everything from avoiding the comparison trap to incorporating your personality into whatever you are putting out there. You’ll leave feeling inspired and empowered to conquer every last challenge awaiting us in 2021!

Music Credits: “Your Treasure is Your Self”; written and performed by Sharon Glassman; Courtesy of Sharon Glassman/Smile Songs.