Brittany O’Brien of Brittany Paige Designs

If you’ve ever felt creatively restricted by your corporate job, move over! Brittany O’Brien of Brittany Paige Designs feels your pain, but better yet, she acted on it. She launched her namesake brand in 2017 with six greeting cards — all concerning break-ups — and although the release was small, it proved to be incredibly powerful. With it, Brittany was officially uncensored, untethering herself from how she was in her words “taught to be small.” 

Unsurprisingly, her stationery and gift range struck a collective nerve, and this one-woman operation accordingly grew exponentially — just ask her 500+ stockists, or maybe one of her 20K+ TikTok followers.

When the Dobbs ruling dropped in late June, Brittany channeled her energy into not just representing and interpreting the collective frustration of many Americans, but infusing some financial muscle as well. 

First she pre-released a powerful “They Won’t Stop at Roe’ sticker June 24, with 100% of proceeds benefiting Arc Southeast. Then she got 29 other gift and stationery brands on board to donate all online sales for one day — July 12 — to The National Network of Abortion Funds. In all, over $15K was raised, with Brittany donating a cool grand.

Brittany opens up about her approach to infusing her beliefs into her merchandise, lessons learned from July 12 and a peek into what she’s showcasing at NY NOW when it opens its doors in six short days. Finally, her take on that “cringey app I was resistant to,” TikTok, is not to be missed! 

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