PÉTALES: Where Paper Meets Fragrance

So, here’s something that as far as I know is the first of its kind. PÉTALES is a collaboration between photographer Tal Shpantzer and perfumer Stephen Dirkes of Euphorium Brooklyn that brings The Petal Series, Tal’s photographic portraits, to life as a perfume.

 Shpantzer and Dirkes have interpreted the atmosphere and richness of the portraits as well as their emotional and psychological framework into a scent, with Dirkes noting, “Tal’s photos created a new way for me to regard and approach the idea of creating a floral perfume.”

“Bringing a two-dimensional surface, a photograph, into the world of scent was a challenge,” added Tal, whose work has been featured by HBO, MTV, Rolling Stone and Vogue Italia. “Tailored to the scents I love, PÉTALES is deeply connected to my personal history (and) is a labor of love.”

Here’s a peek at Tal’s lush work, and the fragrance it inspired.Calas PC_0612 SC Talfoto_0492 SC W_0475 Talfoto W ST Pink _0472 Talfoto_0871SC Talfoto_0554Click through to shop cards — you can see a buyer shopping them above— as well as  prints and perfume (plus there are links at the top of the page for journals & pillows).
Orchids&Pods_ BoxSetsAll photographs courtesy of Tal Shpantzer