New from Colleen Attara!

To me, the best greeting cards look like no other — and there’s not a range I can think of that’s more distinctive than that carefully crafted by Colleen Attara. Working in her cottage studio, Colleen stitches vibrant images and words together to make creations that tug at the heartstrings with a mix of nostalgia and hope, the perfect recipe for that special something to pass on to close family and friends.

Check out some of her recent releases below. The first candy machine card is autobiographical, Colleen told me. “I was three and my sister was fourteen. We walked around the corner to a convenience store. She put a nickel in so I could get a toy and the entire machine emptied out. We had to hold out our clothes to catch all the joy coming out of that machine. Time spent with my sister is still like that.”

Meanwhile, Colleen says “shining star,” the second card down, may be her favorite card ever.pc_cattara #084 candy machine bd hig res pc_c.attara#086 shining star Lres pc_c.attara#083 pink cupcake bd lres pc_c.attara#088 healing time high res pc_cattara #100 movie wedding lr v4a
pc_Cattara #101 road repairs HR pc_CAttara #104 creative friend BD lR pc_cattara beauty and ease BD Lres #089 pc_cattara #102 muse lR pc_cattara#081 awkward bd l res pc_Cattara#082 peonies bd lrespc_ColleenAttaraStudio-LoveAffairStars pc_ColleenAttaraStudio-PetSympathy v1
The two images above (shot by Matt Pauselius) show Colleen’s Salvaged Words, which she handwrites and then laser cuts from 100% salvaged shipping cardboard. They fit right inside Colleen’s 5×7 greeting cards, and she notes that these simple objects are far more powerful than you think.

Shop everything here, or find a nearby shop here, and you too can send some of Colleen’s sweet sentiments out into the world.pc_-RW-ColleenAttara-0119

Above photo courtesy of Jeff Wojtaszek