Mohawk Goes Digital!

Mohawk has released its second of three print sets in the Make with Mohawk series. Print Set 02: Mohawk Via + Digital, featuring HP Indigo is gorgeous in and of itself, but more importantly, I am here today to tell you that this release — as well as Mohawk’s Pop-Up Printshop and new Mohawk Carnival + Via Digital with i-Tone® paper specification tool — may just forever change the way you look at Digital. And, it is all free!

The set is the second in a three-part series pairing specific printing processes with select Mohawk papers. Here Mohawk Via Vellum Digital with i-Tone® is paired with HP Indigo digital printing.

According to Chris Harrold, Mohawk’s Senior VP of Marketing and Creative, “Print Set 02 is a beautiful example of the interdependent relationship between material & process. Paper shade, surface and weight, chosen thoughtfully, supports design intent and delivers amazing image quality.”

A picture is worth a thousand words, the saying goes, and Print Set 02 illustrates how print technology and paper tactility can mesh perfectly to bring any idea to life. For Print Set 02, three new, heavy weights of Mohawk Via Vellum were chosen from Mohawk’s expanded line of Carnival + Via Digital with i-Tone® papers to serve the vision of three featured artists.

Mohawk Via Vellum Bright White 120 cover + David McCleod
Mohawk Via Vellum Light Gray 120 cover + Kennett Mohrman
Mohawk Via Vellum Cream White 120 cover + Mary Finlayson

In conjunction with this release, Mohawk has also introduced a practical paper specification tool for Mohawk Carnival + Via Digital with i-Tone®. Designed to make the paper selection process easier, the slim tome is filled with in-depth product information and printing demonstrations.

Using a traditional swatchbook waterfall, this tool displays the entire range of Mohawk Carnival + Via Digital with i-Tone® Vellum papers. Every sheet is printed using HP Indigo and shows a range of full color and black & white images, vector art and white ink.

The expanded digital offering in Carnival + Via features Mohawk’s proprietary i-Tone® surface treatment engineered to bring enhanced, on-press performance to digital printing. Its true benefits are on full display here, where consistent, high-fidelity image quality, greater durability, and better toner adhesion—even on textured, uncoated paper—is on full, colorful display.

Digital with i-Tone® also enhances paper performance on a full range of digital presses made by HP, Canon, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, MGI and Xerox. Whether you are a small shop or a large commercial printer, a 3D rendering artist, a photographer or a painter, Digital with i-Tone® opens a new world of paper choices for all the ways you print.

To snag your very own Make with Mohawk Print Set 02: Mohawk Via + Digital (featuring HP Indigo), head on over here. And if what you are seeing here leaves you feeling inspired, put your own work to the test at the Make with Mohawk pop-up Printshop, a new online resource that challenges designers to create their own work using the same papers + processes shown in the Make with Mohawk Print Set series. And to request a copy of the Mohawk Carnival + Via Digital with i-Tone® Specification Tool, contact your local Mohawk paper distributor.