Make with Mohawk: Print Set 03

So, we’re all under quarantine, or self-quarantine, or simply practicing social distancing. Regardless of the semantics, for the moment we’ve all got time on our hands, as well as no small amount of nervous energy! Yet in all the hoopla of the slow coronavirus approach, followed by schools, restaurants and workplaces closing one after another, it’s been easy to miss that Mohawk has reintroduced a slew of refreshed Crane paper goodies — as well as some DIY to get your mind off of it all!

Let me back up a bit. When Mohawk bought Crane in 2018, it wasn’t just one company acquiring another, it was one family business hoping to do justice to a brand that came of age with America. After all, Paul Revere used its cotton papers to print revolutionary banknotes, and what else would Jimmy Fallon use it for his “Thank You Notes” segment on The Tonight Show? 

So updating the Crane Cotton Paper portfolio was more than introducing another new product range — these had to honor the company’s history while serving the needs of today’s printers and designers. So now refreshed versions of Crane’s Lettra Letterpress and Crane’s Crest are joined by two new papers. Crane’s Lettra Impress, optimized to complement digital printing as well as offset and letterpress, engraving, blind engraving and stamping, is available in three pretty pastels as well as Dark Black. And Crane’s Lettra Impress Duplex is constructed from Lettra Impress Pearl White and Dark Black — it’s really something!

To really bring these new offerings to life, Mohawk has introduced Make with Mohawk Print Set 03. It is free, and it is the third in a three-part series pairing specific printing processes with select Mohawk papers. Here Crane’s Lettra is paired with one, two, and three-color letterpress printing — and it’s really something to see!

The bellybanded folder opens to reveal first Brendan Monroe showing us the capabilities of Crane’s new Lettra Impress Dark Black 110 Cover (297 gsm).

I have been geeking out on Super Nice Letters on Pinterest for a while now — so imagine my glee when I saw Carmi Grau’s exquisite work with Crane’s Lettra Impress Light Pink 110 Cover (297 gsm). 

Rounding out the trio of gorgeous prints is Nathaniel Russell‘s undulating work on Crane’s Lettra Letterpress Pearl White 110 Cover (297 gsm).  

The Make with Mohawk Print Set 03 was designed by Hybrid Design of San Francisco, California, and skillfully printed by Fey Printing of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, with letterpress prints printed by The Occasions Group in Mankato, Minnesota. Get yours here, and once you’ve done that, head on over to The Mohawk Printshop, powered by, to try your hand. Its virtual doors are still open!