LOUIE Judging Faves + Noted@*Noted News!

Before I delve into my last batch of LOUIE favorites, I have a quick Noted @ *Noted update: The deadline has been extended from today until next Friday, April 10. The Greeting Card Association hopes this offers a chance for more makers to highlight their work, especially any recent designs created in oh, say, the last month or so. At any rate, enter here — and don’t hesitate to give me a shout with any questions that arise.

Now, onto LOUIE judging favorites!

Roger la Borde
I love how this delicate design captures movement, shadow and the sense of discovering a forgotten treasure.
417 Press
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Paper Salad
A lot of bells and whistles come together for dazzling birthday greetings.
Chez Gagné
Free shipping
This is still happening; people in my town are drinking together via Zoom!
Hazel + Dolly
Check out Rachael’s super-fun Snail Mail Kits!
Chez Gagné
Free shipping
Rings even truer these days!
Little Goat Paper Co.
We can all use one of these about now.
asher + arden
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This was a new maker discovery for me, love their work.
Pixies & Porcupines
Love this chic letterpressed holiday ensemble!
Chez Gagné
Free shipping
How many couples does this currently apply to? All of them.
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As demoralizing as the recent weeks have been, it has been heartwarming to see paper peeps step up in different ways.

Elum Designs has been working around the clock to produce disposable face masks and K495 respirator masks.

Cardthartic has released 10-packs of thank yous for $10/pop in its Thank the Helpers Collection.

Paperspecs has released five of its most popular member-only seminars to everyone.

Need to get your children out of your hair for five minutes? Try these activity fun pages from Ampersand and Papier Tigre.

Free COVID-19 posters from Plum Grove.

Use the code BIGHUGS at J. Falkner checkout for a free card, a free stamp and free shipping.

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