Layflat Albums from Artifact Uprising

In our digital age, it is really easy to store all our photographs in iPhoto and feel confident they will always be there waiting for us. But even Vint Cerf, Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist, has noted, “If there are photos you really care about, print them out.”

And I’m here to tell you, there’s no better repository for your precious memories and moments than the brand-spanking new Layflat Album from Denver’s Artifact Uprising. Lushly fabric-covered in your choice of 11 enticing tones, each is then foil-stamped on the front and spine in gold, copper, white or black. And, the albums do just what they promise — lay completely flat while open so you can really appreciate those images.

artifact1artifact The paper that fills each is luscious and ultra-thick beyond belief. 

artifact2 artifact3Wow, right? Artifact Uprising kindly offered to create one for me, and I knew exactly what I needed to fill it with: the past few years of photographs taken by awesome rock ‘n roll photographer Sarah Sloboda of my daughter Veronica and dog Scout. I have to admit, I’ve made prints of a few, but they’ve just been sitting on my external hard drive, just waiting for some calamity to occur so they could be lost forever. When the album arrived last week, even the slipcovered box gave me goosebumps!IMG_6850 copyI love my posh cover with the copper foil-stamped “S”!IMG_6858 copyI have a whole new appreciation for the photographs presented in this luxe format. Even though they were just taken last summer, my daughter has grown so much already. I know this album will just get more precious as time elapses — for Artifact Uprising’s tagline is too true, what is tangible now is tomorrow’s disappeared beauty. Who said there was no truth in advertising?
IMG_6853 copyIMG_6859 copyWant one of your own? Go build it. Choose from three different sizes, Mohawk proPhoto paper in lustre finish or Mohawk Superfine in eggshell finish, fabric and foil-stamping color — and start editing! Prices start at $119 for 20 pages.artifact4