J. Falkner for Monticello

As the principal writer of the Declaration of Independence, the third President of the U.S., purchaser of the Louisiana Territory and ardent proponent of democracy and individual rights, Thomas Jefferson was accomplished in a way few are today. His perspective and insights continue to shape modern American thought and ideals.

Jason of J. Falkner related how when “the good people from Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s glorious creation in Charlottesville” inquired whether among all the quote cards he creates, there were any from Jefferson, “I was a little embarrassed to admit we didn’t.

“After doing research into his writings, I realized what a treasure trove of wisdom lay therein. Though I also had to beware since many quotes attributed to Jefferson are in fact not his at all. Monticello, the final authority, carefully vetted the quotes we chose for accuracy.”

The result is a series of five cards as lovely as they are astute, created specifically for Monticello but available for wholesale across the 50 states (with the exception of Charlottesville).

They consist of old favorites as well as a few surprises. “I knew this project could veer too far into oldey-worldey visual clichés, so instead I chose a bold modern typeface and fresh colors to give these cards our signature crisp, graphic J.Falkner look.”

I think the quintet definitely succeeds in that regard — but judge for yourself!



“I wanted to be sure we had some of his famous quotes represented in our cards, but I was delighted to find unexpected passages that made for very touching sentiments,” Jason told me. “Who wouldn’t love their road through life to be covered in roses?”


“We make a nod to the past by choosing a lovely felted Strathmore paper, and a deckled edge envelope. I love the history and tradition of Strathmore papers and this was the perfect opportunity to use them.”



You can shop the cards here for $4.50 each as well as at Monticello, of course. “Great quotes from our great Presidents make … great cards!” Jason concluded. “And this is just the beginning, as we envision a continuing series of President’s quotes, not just Jefferson.”

So reach out to Jason and let him know: what quote would you like to see in J. Falkner card form?