Going Digital with Mohawk’s Newest Field Guide

In the grand spectrum of printing methods, digital printing is the newest at the table — so its possibilities are still being processed (so to speak). Coming to the rescue is Mohawk’s A Maker’s Field Guide to Digital Materials and Digital Processes.

It’s the latest in an ongoing series of comprehensive, printed guides created to inspire and educate designers, their clients and printers about the importance of choosing the right materials and right process for print — and like the best printed pieces, it’s full of wonder, with more than a few surprises tucked between its thick covers.

Chris Harrold, Mohawk’s Sr.Vice President, Marketing & Creative, underscored that “this edition should prove that digital printing is no longer a compromise, but a sophisticated, agile means to produce beautiful print.”

Created by Hybrid Design of San Francisco, the Field Guide is a visual, tactile demonstration of the flexibility of the latest digital printing presses using both paper and non-paper materials. The below offers a glimpse into Mohawk Synthetic Premium Polyester, in royal blue, as well as magnetic semi gloss paper, right behind it! All are readily available from Mohawk.

Through vivid, exquisite examples, the 71-page guide is in and of itself a compelling argument that digital printing is the printing method of our time. It speaks to the demands of today’s faster timelines and the seemingly never-ending quest for collaboration and personalization, punctuated by the consumer’s ever-climbing expectations for beauty combined with function. Twenty-two different digitally printed bring this idea to life within three sections. The first, Introduction / Make Good Great, delves into the ideal harmonious relationship between ideas, materials and process.

The below demonstrates the top three digital print techniques.

The next section, Printed Samples / Materials with Purpose, delves into six sample projects, each suggesting how to use paper in combination with a specialty or a synthetic material. A range of printing techniques, from simple single color to wide format inkjet as well as high fidelity, full color printing, demonstrate just how far the medium has evolved — and what possibilities it holds.

The tome closes with Resources / Become the Digital Print Expert. It includes a brief summary of the preceding 59 pages, plus resources galore as well as tactical tools designed to carry you from brainstorm to polished finished piece.

All of this description pales before the real thing, of course. Want to get your hands on a copy? Then start here!