The Make With Mohawk Campaign!

I have never been to AIGA Design Conference, but I suspect that this announcement from Mohawk was the talk of this year’s edition a few weeks back! The ambitious and expansive Make With Mohawk Campaign is multi-faceted, with both online and offline components creating one very dynamic and inspiring whole.

The campaign is really a gift to the community Mohawk serves, and is comprised of three elements:
· Make with Mohawk Print Sets: A series of inspirational prints featuring the work of nine designers and artists on Mohawk papers using several distinct printing processes.
· Make with Mohawk Printshop: A new online resource that allows designers to create their own work with the same papers and processes as the Make with Mohawk Print Sets.
· The Mohawk Show: An opportunity for designers to be recognized for their best work on Mohawk — and be rewarded with Mohawk Maker Grants!

“The Make with Mohawk campaign does two things,” explained Chris Harrold, SVP Marketing ­+ Creative at Mohawk. “It offers creatives the impetus to make, and rewards great work with the opportunity to make more. We’re creating a virtuous circle of making.”

“As a creative community, we are overwhelmed with inspiration daily, but many of us feel short on something just as important: opportunity,” added Caleb Kozlowski, Creative Director at Hybrid Design. “The Make with Mohawk Campaign is an answer to this struggle: It pairs inspiration with the opportunity to freely make something — taking control back from the brands, directors, and cultural gatekeepers that often constrain us, and handing it back to the designer.”

This multi-pronged project rolls out different elements at different times throughout 2019. The first of three print sets — pairing Mohawk Superfine + Risograph — is available now.

This exquisite release tackles the question of what happens when three shades of an impeccably perfect paper are paired with a printing method lauded for its imperfections. The short answer is that when Risograph — distinguished by its slight misregistration, limited ink colors and irregular ink coverage — combines with the lush quality, consistency and uniformity of Superfine, a powerful demonstration of materials and method serving design intent ensues. Get yours here.

Once you have swooned over those, head on over to the Make with Mohawk Printshop to try out riso for yourself and see your ideas transformed from PDF to printed object.

The Printshop is an easy-to-use interface powered by And you guessed it, the Superfine + Risograph Maker Mission 01 is available now.

And finally, the call for entries for The Mohawk Show is officially open! This endeavor is driven by a simple idea: Great work deserves to be celebrated and rewarded. Submit your project through January 15, 2020, to be considered for seven unique “Maker Grant” awards.

“Every designer wants to be recognized for their work and have it stand in the company of great design,” says Chris Harrold, “The new Mohawk Show does that by rewarding amazing projects with the chance to make a passion project a portfolio piece.”

The highest scoring submissions will be awarded Maker Grants, which include a grand prize print residency and six Judges’ Choice Grants with select Mohawk print partners.

I’ll be updating elements of the campaign as they roll out and into my in-box, but in the meantime follow @mohawkpaper on Instagram and Twitter for more details!