Friday Funnies: Warren Tales

These days, finding a fun card line gives me the same thrill I once got as a 20-something Manhattanite discovering a funky boutique. The lovely and very clever selections from Warren Tales are full of unexpected wordplay and arresting imagery, for me the mark of an enduring brand.

Designer and writer Lindsey Warriner fled Boston and a children’s publishing gig to establish her independent paper craft studio in California. There everything is carefully created, cut and packaged by hand — with the bowler-hat-wearing rabbit on her logo a nod to the etymology of her surname, which translates into “rabbit keeper.”

The line features witty takes on the traditional cards: The “keep it together” bunny is a functional paper clip, sure to pull any recipient from the rabbit hole, while the “write more letters” design features a perforated spine so that the front becomes a postcard.

Digitally printed cards are $4, with handmades and prints priced higher but very reasonably.

GC-1034_Apt Sweet Apt_Product Shot_Warren Tales

GC-1003_Aw Shoot_Product Shot_Warren Tales

GC-1011_Connect Thanks_Product Shot_Warren Tales

Warren Tales_Connect-the-Dots Greeting Cards



GC-1057_Keep It Together_Product Shot_Warren Tales

Warren Tales_Fall14 ProductSubmissionForm_Missing U

GC-1026_Warm Thoughts_Product Shot_Warren Tales GC-1043_When All Else Fails_Product Shot_Warren TalesGC-1051_Write More Letters_Product Shot_Warren Tales