Fredericks & Mae Playing Cards

Every once in a while, the form surpasses the function, and that is definitely the case with these fabulous Fredericks & Mae Playing Cards from Princeton Architectural Press.

Housed in a sturdy box graced with silver foil stamping along its front, the cards feature the full rainbow spectrum for both vibrant game play and artistic display. Tucked inside is also a mini booklet filled with card lore, but I love that instructions for obscure games like Snip Snap Snorem and Egyptian Ratscrew are included alongside old favorites like Spit and Gin Rummy. $12.95.


The Brooklyn-based Fredericks & Mae is Jolie Mae Signorile and Gabriel Fredericks Cohen. They founded their studio in 2007 “amid piles of feathers, thread, bamboo, ink, paint and paper.” Sounds lovely! Games for them are tools and rituals, and in creating their wares, the team traces historical arcs and research — “not unlike the arcs of balls, kites, and darts as they fly through the air.”

FM-author photo

Here is a glimpse of their spellbinding wares — I highlighted that first colorful backgammon set in the summer issue of Gift Shop, hitting mailboxes now! Below that you can see their bocce balls, beach tennis, dominos and travel set quartet.

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And, if you are heading off to Atlanta’s Americasmart in the next few days — or are perhaps already there — you should be sure to check it out in person in the amazing Aesthetic Movement showroom, Building 1, Ste. 10-D-16. This is one of many marvelous lines to be found there, so happy shopping!fandmae_4