Egg Press, 20.0!

To stationery stalwarts, Egg Press is to letterpress cards what, say, Coach is to handbags: They helped redefine a then-forgotten object to a new glory. The Portland house of letterpress not only churns out a vibrant and rather prolific range of cards, art prints and gift wrap, they also quietly ‘press the wares and handle the licensing, manufacturing, and fulfillment of several prominent card designers, Hello!Lucky and ASHKAHN among them.

Egg Press sprung to life when Tess Darrow starting printing custom stationery in her downtime — and, 20 years later, it’s swelled to a team of 20 who design, print, and bring to market over 750,000 letterpress greeting cards per year, sold in over 1,000 shops across the world.

At 20, the press is still edgy, still most distinctive … and now rather established. And to thank every stockist, every custom job and collaboration and everyone who’s penned a note in one of their cards, Egg Press is offering 20% off all retail orders all month.

Their massive body of work is still overseen by Tess, who’s been joined by her right-hand-woman Kara Yanagawa. If the prevailing wisdom that letterpress takes 20 minutes to learn and a lifetime to master is true, let’s just say they’re well along that path. The design duo keeps analog relevant in a tech-y world with a mastery of color combined with signature blend of surprise and sweetness, elevated by clever details like peek-a-boo die-cuts and rounded edges.

Egg Press is the exclusive licensing, manufacturing and fulfillment partner in North America for 1973 Ltd., which hails from Brighton, UK

I think that you’ll agree that while these are “just” cards and prints, the attention to every last detail, from trim size to envelope, makes them so much more than that! If you like what you see here, head on over to the site to shop it all. Just enter promo code BIRTHDAY20* at checkout.