Dropping Lines during COVID-19

Who would have guessed a year ago how much the perceived value of everyday items would fluctuate? Hand sanitizer is suddenly much more appealing, while lipstick, not so much. In our suddenly transformed world, writing papers have gone from having a small, niche-y audience of lovers of epistolary to one encompassing anyone feeling a bit isolated and having a lot to say. In other words, pretty much everyone!

That is great news for Lauren of beve! who started working on a slew of new writing sets pre-pandemic and finds them having an entirely new resonance. Eight spanking-new sets feature upbeat geometrics, florals, hexagons, stripes and even office supplies.

“I had a hard time finding stationery sets that didn’t look like they were for a 90-year-old grandmother or a seven-year-old,” gushed one fan. “Your store has such stylish sets that were timeless and beautiful. I was so excited to find you.”

This is exactly what prompted Lauren to design these in the first place! Each sheet has a full design printed on back so that when they are folded and placed in the envelope, the envelope seems to be lined, but the pattern does not get torn upon opening. I am all about lined envelopes but this is brilliant — and this octet of designs works splendidly in this clever treatment.

Each set includes 20 lined writing sheets and 10 recycled kraft envelopes. The biggest challenge may just be picking a favorite. The sheets are printed locally in Richmond, Virginia, and are designed and hand-assembled in Charlottesville. Each is just $16, and you can start your shop here!