Downloads On Demand!

One thing that became crystal clear to me while at NY NOW is that there is no one way of operating your stationery business these days. Some makers have wholesale and retail operations, while others have wholesale and online operations and still others are strictly wholesale. Meanwhile, some retailers maintain a store and site, some may have closed their physical doors and are just selling online, and still others may have incorporated their own branded product into merchandise mixes. So all the familiar lines have definitely become blurred!

Jessica Flores found herself seeking a method to sell her enchanting work in a way that suits her circumstances — and digital downloads fit that bill. “I have been looking for ways to be my own publisher in the stationery arena lately, because I don’t have a lot of money to invest,” she wrote me. “I’m also in a rural area in Indiana, so having access to a good commercial printer where I can get my hands on proofs and feel good about quality control and efficiency is not easy!”

Even though the work you see will be printed out on home printers for the most part, all of Jessica’s designs begin with hand-painted watercolors. “Sometimes I scan in the art and edit, and sometimes I vectorize the elements,” she noted. “I’m a die-hard homebody and love to create a cozy home and garden on my little patch of the rural Midwest, so that’s what inspires me most when I’m painting — the comforts of home and the wonders of my backyard.”

Those inspirations definitely come through loud and clear in Jessica’s fantastic Midsommar set. It began as an entry for a Spoonflower contest, and she’s used the resulting pattern on several different products since. “When my wedding planner friend saw the initial floral wreath image, she mentioned that it would be great for table numbers at an event, and my wheels started turning!”

The set can be tapered to events from casual get togethers to more formal affairs. It includes fillable invitations, a folded thank you card, table tents, flat place cards and table numbers.

Jessica also offers Bible Journaling cards, inspired by her lifestyle. “I love to start my day with journaling and end it with a list of things I’m grateful for. I’m a big list maker when it comes to running the household too, from groceries to menus and many different to-do lists. I believe having paper and notepads and little cards that are actually attractive and inspiring makes any writing process so much more enjoyable. I have plans for some flat cards that will feature a grounding exercise that helps with anxiety as well. I really just create things that I would use myself, so that I have first-hand experience on how to design with the user in mind.”

Jessica’s animated drawings definitely lend themselves to introspection and meditative thought! Each set includes lined cards for writing out Bible verses, prayer requests, gratitude items and sermon notes. And, they’re just $1.50/pop!

Rounding our Jessica’s digital download offerings is her charming Teaparty set.

“I was inspired by the little parties I used to throw together for my daughter when she would have play dates as a child,” she recalled. “I think it’s so important to make childhood magical, and kids are so easily impressed! Haha! My hope is that a crafty mom can find these files in my shop, get them printed and assembled in a couple of hours and use them to make a day memorable or a birthday party extra special for less than $10.”

That’s one family-friendly budget! Each set includes: fillable invitations, table tents, gift tags, flags for cupcake picks, some clipart that can be cut out on a plotter as embellishments or for stickers, plus three colors of gingham placemats.

I’m getting a bit nostalgic for those days as well. Shop it all here, and when you’re done there, be sure to follow Jessica on IG to stay in the loop of her many projects!