Atlanta ’16 Highlights, Part 2!

Continuing my meanderings through High Design at AmericasMart, today I’ve got three fabulous San Francisco makers to share. First off, everyone was gaga (with good reason) for Vintage School Charts from Cavallini & Co. Measuring 28″x40,” they arrive assembled and ready to hang — granting the San Francisco house’s iconic gift wraps new life on walls. These are the next generation of Cavallini’s Vintage Poster Kits, which take more of a DIY tack.cavallini_5 cavallini_1With the New Year comes new gift wrap designs, and despite their vintage origins, these new New York designs present a fresh take on a favorite theme. cavallini_4cavallini_7Cavallini is an eternal favorite thanks not only to their meticulous art design — inspired by the company’s behemouth collection of antique ephemera — but by its attention to every detail, from the poshest Italian papers to the prettiest labels you can imagine.
cavallini_2Their handmade Florentine Frames are instant heirlooms  — love the enameling & weathered gold. cavallini_6

Right down the hall was elizabethW, who has some of the best personal care I’ve yet to find. Their scents are exquisite, and all packaging in their Small Batch Apothecary range is letterpressed!
elizabethWI noticed a lot of eye masks and boudoir accessories at market — but you can’t do better than elizabethW’s silken eye masks and hot/cold packselizabethW_2 elizabethW_3Finally, tucked in a corner of elizabethW’s booth was Carpe Diem Papers, a new stationery obsession of mine — though Mindy Carpenter started painting in 2009. She actually used to work at Cavallini — and reminded me that I used to request art from her! Whoops. She said Cavallini’s archives provided a sort of mental backdrop for much of her work — which I just find so distinctive, fun and fresh! Like all my show photos, these don’t do this amazing range justice.carpe_2carpe_4 carpe_3I just can’t get enough of Mindy’s cozy rooms and adorable vignettes. Meanwhile, I’ll have more Atlanta posts as I slowly work my through all my images!carpe_1