The Right Words from Compendium!

If you’re reading this, you undoubtedly love cards — but that doesn’t mean you always know what to write inside. Finding the right words during difficult or emotionally fraught situations — especially when they occur during the holidays — can be really, really tough, so I’m really gratified today to share a recommendation from one of my readers here, Tracey.

“As someone who loves cards, wrapping paper and stationery, I so enjoy your blog,” Tracey wrote me. “I’ve discovered a number of companies and designers I wouldn’t have known about otherwise thanks to you. One of the lines that’s my favorite right now is Positively Green. I first bought their cards following the death of a relative. Sympathy cards seem particularly tricky to me, and the cards they offer strike just the right note. I have no connection to Positively Green other than appreciating their ability to find the words when I cannot.”

Thank you so much Tracey! The range, published by Compendium, is thoughtfully and meticulously crafted: eco-friendly, made in the USA and each even features a helpful green tip on back. Here’s a few recently released favorites; as you’ll see, they’re the perfect accompaniment to life as you celebrate good times and navigate the more messy ones.

As you can see, these are the kind of cards you want to have plenty of on hand. And while you’re there, check out Compendium‘s stickers and wooden inspirational art. If you like these cards, prepare to be completely impressed. Best of all, if your order is under $50, shipping is $5; hit $50, and shipping is free!