The Found & Laura Szumowski

I have always loved cards from The Found, but I can’t get enough of their vibrant and very clever collaboration with fellow Chicago illustrator Laura Szumowski. Pop culture references run through these selections, and thankfully nothing, from legwarmers to big hair, is sacred. I especially like their Orange is the New Black and Breaking Bad references, but each card is a delightful treat.

Messages (if any) are indicated beneath each card, and fun elements from the design on front carry over to each card’s backside.

838_hiphopbday_front 841_aerobics_front

Inside: Happy Birthday842_kungfu_front

Inside: Happy Birthday 847_supremebday_front

Inside: That today is your day. Happy Birthday! 848_lotto_front 849_discobday_front

Inside: Strut your stuff! Happy Birthday.854_rockon_front

Inside: Have a bangin’ birthday!


Inside: Another year … but who’s counting? 868_breakingbday-a

Inside: Happy birthday, bitch!869_drag-a

Inside: But you’re still fierce! Happy birthday. 873_tvmoms-a

Inside: Mom, you are a true star! Thanks for all the laughs. 874_tvdads-a

Inside: Dad, you are a true star! Thanks for all the laughs.


Inside: Like, let’s totally celebrate!

Cards are locally printed on recycled paper from an FSC-certified mill with soy-based inks. $4 each.


Inside: Have a fascinating birthday!