Office Sanity from Chez Gagné

Maybe it’s just me, but staying focused deskside has been quite the challenge lately. I’m sure it’s partially because I have been working in my backyard when the weather allows it, so assembling a portable office and then enjoying the wonders of the great outdoors adds a lot of distractions. But there’s no way I’m staying cooped up inside, so I’m thrilled that Chez Gagné is here to assist with lots of practical and polished organizational tools, occasionally seasoned with gold-foiled profanity.

The tagline of “if you can’t make it nice, make it funny” may not speak to everyone — but it makes me feel pretty darn seen! Here are some peeks from their hot off-the-press desk range. I think you’ll agree that these journals, mini-journals, planner pads, notepads are colorful in conceivable sense of the word.

Shop it all here, and use the code NEWSITE for 20% off all orders through 6/8. Tell ’em Sarah f-ing sent you!