NSS: The Insider’s Guide

Over the years, I’ve noticed an interesting mob mentality to trade shows, namely, if you are walking a fairly quiet aisle and see a crowd in a booth, you’re going to stop and see what it’s about — regardless of what’s being sold! That’s just human nature, but it’s no way to work a show and grow a business. So, I loved an idea I received last month from Amy Smyth of A Smyth Co.What if exhibitors recommended the National Stationery Show exhibitors they cannot miss at the show?

So, in the first of several posts dedicated to revealing those booths those in the know can’t miss, today I’m sharing responses from Erica Henriksen, Smock’s marketing manager. I am not exaggerating even a little bit when I say Smock is at the top of most must-visit lists at NSS. The richness of this eco-friendly letterpressed line cannot be duplicated, though many have tried! Here is a grouping of their newer foiled and letterpressed releases … wow!Maid-of-honor-box copyBest product: “I absolutely love the cards at The Social Type. Their booth design is very modern, clean, and simple, which allows their fun cards and products to pop. And their little matchboxes are so cute!”

Here’s a peek of the wonderful wonders The Social Type will be displaying in Booth 2150. TheSocialType_pic1TheSocialType_pic2Display: “I love visiting the Moglea booth to see her hand painted displays (and product) every year. It’s so unique!” 

Once you see this range, it’s easy to see why Moglea is a industry and customer favorite. Most of their products are painted or dip-dyed by hand before printing, and the effect is downright spellbinding. Get ready to be dazzled in Booth 2150. And thank goodness Meg sent me lots of new art, since Moglea is quite the popular pick in this series!Moglea_BirthdayBest in Show: It’s a two-way tie! “Sugar Paper and Rifle always have top-notch booths — I love their products, their displays — everything.”

Check out Sugar Paper Los Angeles in all its glory in Booth 2334 — here’s a peek of the wonders that await!use_meAnd, there’s really not much I can say about Rifle that hasn’t already been said, so I’ll just share a small portion of what will be on display in Booth 1728. Orange has never been a favorite color of mine but I think I need to reexamine that, and stat! RiflePaperCo-Jan2016-Red copyCan’t Wait to See Again: “Two of my favorite booths from last year’s show were actually lines making their NSS debut: Antiquaria and Fox & Fallow. Both lines put together a really beautiful package — great products, beautiful presentation, and an inviting space. Those yummy creamsicle walls at Antiquaria were so pretty, and I loved their art prints — I actually have one hanging in my bedroom at home! And Fox & Fallow had such a fun mix of product, too — some really darling cards and prints, and some really funny ones too. I loved that their space almost felt like you were walking into someone’s incredibly chic home.”

Antiquaria will be in Booth 1956, and I’m guessing their new releases like these will be justifiably drawing quite the crowd!antiquaria-1 copy
Thank you so much Amy for thinking of me to share your brilliant idea — stay tuned for upcoming posts in this series where I’ll be sharing picks from Amy as well as Rifle, Sugar Paper, Hello!Lucky, Smudge Ink and Twig & Fig.

Of course, nothing can duplicate the experience that is National Stationery Show — I hope to see you there May 15! And, thank you again Erica for sharing your favorites, I can’t wait to see more goodies from Smock, like this gold-foiled gem, in Booth 1840!miette-birthday copy