Happy Birthday, Mod Lounge Paper Co.

While it is true that new stationery brands keep our market fresh, it also remains somehow true that there is nothing truly new under the sun. What is new and unable to be truly replicated, however, is the distinctive spark behind each brand, derived from its original interpretation of a fixed number of design elements.

Mod Lounge Paper Company stands a bit apart in today’s stationery marketplace, then, in its mission to celebrate all things Mid Century Modern.

Think geometric designs and patterns paired with vintage housewives and pinups. “It brings back a sense of cozy and classic nostalgia in today’s crazy times,” its founder Jennifer Caminiti wrote me.

I’d seen this range here and there at markets and amongst Stationery Trends submissions, but come March 1, the young range is already turning three! Happily, after “almost two years of figuring things out,” Jennifer’s wholesale business has really picked up, she continued.

“I went from being in 10 stores, to over 250 a little over a year. Reorders are coming in — love that! Means validation to me 🙂 — and I just finished my second trade show in Atlanta, making some great connections.”

It’s always exciting for me to hear of such positive momentum, and honestly, figuring things out in two years is pretty admirable! As someone who grew up tagging along with my Mom to estate sales, flea markets and house sales, I adore the retro vibe, especially when reinterpreted through 21st-century eyes.

Mod Lounge Paper Company started with greeting cards and general stationery items, then expanded into gifts with items like coffee mugs, tea towels and candles.

So, happy early birthday to this fun range that makes the old again feel new. Shop it all here, and if you are interested in wholesale, here’s where you want to start!