Got a Color Issue? Keaykolour is the Answer

When it comes to color, there’s always another way to see things. If you don’t believe me, check out Mohawk’s launch of Keaykolour by Arjowiggins Creative Papers. These new colored papers are not only beautiful in and of themselves, they are presented in such a way that you can truly see their exciting and endless possibilities.But first, a bit of exposition. Long established outside the U.S., Keaykolour has just undergone an extensive product update resulting in this incredibly vibrant range of uncoated fine papers, for which Mohawk is the exclusive North American distributor. The new portfolio consists of 43 fresh colors, in 2 weights (80 text and 111 cover), sized at 27.5×39.3 inches, in a natural vellum finish.

The entire product line is stocked in Mohawk’s U.S. warehouses for quick turn delivery through Mohawk merchants across North America and is available for immediate ordering. “Using colored paper has never been so easy and accessible,” explained Chris Harrold VP, Creative Director for Mohawk. “Simply choose from 43 colors in text or cover weight and we’ll have it to your doorstep in just a few days.”

The new palette is the culmination of a color study commissioned by Arjowiggins Creative Papers with Atelier 3D Couleur, a Paris-based color design studio whose portfolio includes work in material and industrial design, architecture and interiors. “Over 20 R&D experts collaborated with Arjowiggins’ marketing and Atelier 3D Couleur to bring these new colors to life,” noted Christophe Balaresque, Luxury Brands and Marketing Director for Arjowiggins Creative Papers. “In the process, thousands of lab samples were produced, reviewed and tweaked, to develop what we consider to be the ultimate collection of colored papers.”In harmony with designers’ appetite for beautifully made materials, the Keaykolour portfolio seamlessly blends natural texture with a sophisticated range of light, mid and deep colors. The carefully considered palette was designed by Atelier 3D Couleur in such a way that each color can work on its own, while easily associating with other colors in pairs or groupings.  And this part is especially cool: To demonstrate Keaykolour’s sophisticated versatility, Mohawk worked with Hybrid Design of San Francisco (whose brilliant fingerprints are all over The Mohawk Maker Quarterly) to create an interactive paper specification tool designed to invite users to explore color combinations through play. As Caleb Kozlowski, Creative Director at Hybrid, put it, “Color should be fun, and Keaykolour allows designers to mix, match and play with color. We wanted to capture that feeling in a simple tool that lets designers mix and match to their heart’s content.”The launch tool kit features 43 colored “flash cards” housed in a box available in twelve different colored 111# covers paired with twelve 80# text weight papers in contrasting color. Each box is die-cut to reveal a multicolored tunnel of all the collection’s colors. The die-cuts feature three distinct shapes which reference the relative price difference between light, mid-range and deep colors. This price transparency gauge was built in to give designers a kind of price barometer to help them better plan projects by taking the fear out of specifying colored paper. The Keaykolour launch kit was skillfully printed and finished by Fey Printing of Wisconsin Rapids, WI. In a nod to possible printing methods to employ when using Keaykolour, this project features simple one and two-color printing along with die-cutting and folding, allowing the paper color to take center stage.To order samples or envelopes, contact your local merchant or visit