C’mon, Get Happy!

I can’t be the only one out there counting the days until 2021. As 2020 runs down the clock, it’s time to look ahead. For so many of us, that means a big empty planner to fill in the New Year is definitely in order. The market is rife with options, all taking a different approach to organizing one’s life and the blank slate that is an unlived year.

The possibilities can be overwhelming, but from the start, the Good Habits Happy Planner is ready to take on whatever the year brings — and make sure you stay on task as you plod through it. Laminated covers and thick, sturdy rings ensure that the planner will end 2021 in the same pristine state as January 1.

Here’s where the good habits come in. Each month features a place for goal-setting, action steps and reflection. There is so much power in taking the time to really consider these, and then writing them out.

Meanwhile, the weekly pages have dedicated space to jot down your focus for the week and track your daily progress. The idea is that over time these actions will dictate behavior. Your best self is being driven by the power of your own words.

At 8.75″ L x 1.25″ W x 9.75″ H, the 2021 Good Habits Classic Vertical Happy Planner is well-poised to go from home office to tote to office to wherever you find oneself. $27.99. Start planning your 2021 here, and if your happiness lies elsewhere, be sure to check out other options from The Happy Planner.