Biely Shoaf Presents Louise Mulgrew

Clipping out for ILOOTPAPERIE

If you grew up in the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s, you probably remember Acrylic Clips. And no, I don’t mean for your hair! Sometimes called Chip Clips, these do much more than simply keep your snacks fresh. These can adhere nearly any two flat objects together, and as such, come in quite handy in and around the desk. Here’s a cute Donald Duck design — positioned as a “rare find” — that I just found on Etsy. Look at that dapper fellow, getting *so* much work done!

These babies are starting to make something of a gift and stationery come back, as the ILOOTPAPERIE sisters were thrilled to discover. “Doris in particular was very excited to develop this category,” Alice told me. “We still have one of the acrylic clips, of a little cow, from our childhood. When we saw this category start to show up more — it definitely evoked a strong sense of nostalgia!”

Those from this sister-owned California house of design have a medium grip ideal for light clipping duties like holding a page in your journal, lightly clasping letters together, or saving those tasty pretzels to enjoy later.

The biggest challenge here is deciding which little face you most prefer peeking back at you. Most likely, there is far more emotion here than you were expecting. Perhaps that Happy Pencil really speaks to you, or maybe you are gravitating toward that Surprised Sandwich?

Anything that infuses fun into functionality is a winner in my book! These are very affordably priced at $7/pop retail. Stock up in ILOOTPAPERIE’s site or Etsy shop.

And for my friends in the trade, ILOOTPAPERIE is unsurprisingly a Top Shop at Faire, open for business 24/7!