Austin’s Own Victrola Design!

So, here’s another fabulous range, that, like pennies from heaven, just popped into my in-box. So I’m thrilled to introduce you to Victrola Design, an Austin-based stationery range created by Victoria Corbett.

I’m not sure what I adore more about these — the fact that they is so beautifully screen-printed, or the lovingly rendered flora & fauna that populate it. Victoria’s observations of the world around her are inspired by the repetition, uniformity and patterns she finds. She carefully chooses and hand-mixes each color, and the results are what every maker seeks: results that don’t look like that of anything else!

Victoria and I corresponded a bit, and she mentioned that she also offers custom invitations and save the dates. And … wow! Talk about breathing fresh air into the category.

Go get lost in in Victoria’s fanciful, fabulous world here!