An Artful, Australian Gem

I’m so grateful I visited Shoppe Object last February. Since that and NY NOW were the only trade shows I attended this (almost finished) year, I’ve reviewed the snapshots I took at both much, much more than I usually would — and in some ways they seem like surreal glimpses into another world. But in other ways, they’re still all about discovering fantastic product from amazing makers. Third Drawer Down was just such a find as you can see in my three snaps I took in their booth below on February 1.

Third Drawer Down was founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 2003 and since then, this design studio has collaborated with some of the most influential artists of our time. Works from the likes of Louise Bourgeois, Guerilla Girls, Yayoi Kusama, Magda Archer and David Shrigley are translated into accessible gift and homeware collections with an uncompromising dedication to artistic integrity, functionality, and accessibility. According to their 2020 catalog, women artists represent 65% of their artist collections as they aim to “inspire customers to challenge gender, racial and social barriers.”

Here’s some highlights!

I’ve Done Everything/Nothing Mug/David Shrigley
A Little Taste Outside of Love Scarf/Mickalene Thomas
I Hate Germs Hand Sanitizer/Magda Archer
Be Nice Tea Towel/David Shrigley
Virtues Theologales Tea Towel/Louise Bourgeois
Large Fancy Room Tea Towel/David Shrigley
Make Art Iron-On Patch/David Shrigley
Love Forever Tea Towels (set of 2)/Yayoi Kusama
Through the Flower Scarf/Judy Chicago
Late Night Chat Mug (set of 2)/Yayoi Kusama
Dirty Hand Sanitizer/David Shrigley
Eyes of Mine Handkerchief/Yayoi Kusama

I love the idea of artful, thoughtful and well-made products that make you smile every time you see them or use them. Check out what’s new here, and get free shipping if you drop $150!

Please Go Away Pouch/Magda Archer