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A Peek at Legion’s #NSS2018 #PutAStampOnIt Promotion, Part 2!

Good morning, all! I am so excited to provide another glimpse at Legion Paper’s #NSS2018 stamp project. Apparently a few of the designs have already arrived in NYC, and I’m being told they are incredible in person. Here then, is a tantalizing taste of what’s awaiting National Stationery Show attendees.

Are you ready for adventure? Page Stationery certainly is, with this ourdoorsy, die-cut stamp sheet. The stamps are letterpressed in three colors on Colorplan Frost White, then duplexed to Gmund Wood Ginko Veneer. Wow!

Pinwheel Print Shop’s sweet layflat design is digitally printed on Strathmore Impress, with gold foil accents. Return to sender for a special offer!

First-time exhibitor Fresh Out of Ink created this natural mail enhancement. It’s die-cut and features teal foil on Strathmore Impress — and I believe it’s one of the few that are actually square.Here’s another letterpressed design, this one from Paper Bandit Press. This hidden pictures you see on the right are revealed when viewed through the red cellophane that comes with it. This is the idea behind a new range they’re releasing at NSS. Cool!

Continuing with the robber theme, this snail mail beauty from ilootpaperie is already gold-foiled and is the process of being embossed and die cut as you read this. Alice and Doris selected Strathmore Impress in light pink and were going back and forth between using red and blue as the main color. I think they made the right choice — if this IG post is any indication, this one will be so adorable!

Expanding on the snail mail theme, this special delivery from The Imagination Spot features more snails (as well as sweet missive and mushrooms) on this double-sided design. I love the little snail mail trail!

This quartet of designs comes from #fresh exhibitor Euni & Co. It went through a few incarnations — and I just love where it landed. From the delicate edge to the dots separating each, it’s just precious!

Finally, I’ve got a little sneak peek at the box to hold it all, created with love and lots + lots of flowers by an artist you may or may not have heard of by the name of Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. Here is the front, to be printed on Colorplan Vellum white in collaboration with Mama’s Sauce.I can’t wait to see this in life — not to mention fill it with my very own stamp collection. All of this great work is completely free, but it’s only at National Stationery Show, just over a month away!