A LOUIE Finalist Card Quintet

Pre-COVID, my last work trip, in February 2020, was judging the 31st Annual LOUIE Awards in Washington, D.C.

Semi-post-COVID, my first work event, in March 2021, was judging the 32nd Annual LOUIE Awards. Instead of taking a plane, I took the highway to American Greetings, the site of the Ohio Judging Hub (there were five hubs dotted across the nation).

Not only had the entire world transformed during those 13 months, I had too — and so of course by extension, the greeting card market had as well. While judging this past March I remember being visually stunned by the below design in the Trends and Events category.

Finalist, Trends and Events

The design is on Greenfields seeded plantable paper with a hand-cut linoleum block image. I don’t remember the exact score I gave it, but it was definitely very high, if not a 10/10. So I wasn’t that surprised to learn that it had become a finalist, and also who created it, Just My Type Letterpress Paperie. The maker behind the brand is Lynn M. Jones, who lovingly prints each and every card in her studio and retail space in Eureka, California.

What is rather surprising is that Lynn snagged four other finalist spots! Here they are:

Finalist, Birthday (Small Company)
Finalist, Blank Card
Finalist, Religious Celebrations
Finalist, Everyday Boxed Set

I am so happy for this charming little range I never heard of until quite recently! Lynn says she is “amazed and honored,” adding, “I’ve been a letterpress printer for more than 20 years, but entering the LOUIEs and attending *Noted was my debut into the wider greeting card wholesale market. I never thought any of my cards would get this kind of attention.”

Well, I for one am so glad Lynn entered! Be among the first to learn and celebrate the winners at the 32nd Annual LOUIE Awards on July 8, 6 pm EST. Review the finalists here, register here (tickets are $15/each), and if you are heading to Atlanta Market the following week, make sure to check out their display of the finalists and winners. Good luck Lynn and all the finalists, and I hope to “see” you there!