Writes for Women at #NSS2017!

Good morning everyone! I am so excited to share a wonderful project that has slowly been coming to life in the last month or so. Kelly Bristol, whom many of you know as National Stationery Show’s Show Manager, recently approached me about starting a stationery charity that could be a force for positive change, and before I knew it, in Mary Poppins style, she had assembled a board of women I’m so thrilled to work with.

So many women in this industry wear so many hats — wife, mother, caregiver, small business owner, all-around problem solver — well, our Founding Board of designers and retailers have all graciously agreed to don yet another: Olga Krigman, Offensive + Delightful; Hannah Rodewald, The Pleasure of Your Company; Melinda Morris, Lion in the Sun; Emily McDowell, Emily McDowell Studio; Mackenzi Farquer, Lockwood Shop; Carina Murray, Crow & Canary; Stephanie Clarke, Dahlia Press; Lisa Roberts, Rock Paper Scissors; Liz Cooke, Lionheart Prints; Natasha Bhagwanani, Bright and Blue Designs; Caroline Weaver, CW Pencil Enterprise; Paula Cheng-Mehta Paula & Waffle; Erin James,Kelly Ryan Teich and Gretchen Orendorf, Paper + Heart; Allison Chapman, Igloo Letterpress; Juliana Tyson and Marina Lieban, Good Juju Ink; Abbey Fowler, 6.25 Paper Studio; Cat Seto, Ferme à Papier by Cat Seto; and Deborah Hefter, Envelopments.

Our mission statement? Writes for Women is a society for paper industry professionals who aim to engage, motivate, empower, and educate themselves and others on economic and social justice for women, while raising funds for efforts for social, economic and equality nonprofit programs.

It has been a bit of flurry, but we have a logo.

We even have a NSS booth! Come check us out in Booth 1842. Oh, and come party with us — as you support The Ms. Foundation For Women — Tuesday night at the rooftop bar of 230 Fifth!

So, go here to buy your ticket(s) already! HUGE, HUGE thanks to my partner-in-stationery-crime Kelly, as well as Mel Morris, Lisa Roberts, Natasha Bhagwanani, Stephanie Clarke and Juliana Tyson and of course HarperGroup for scrambling with us to get it all together. You all deserve so much more credit than my tipping my hat to you here, but right now I’m scrambling to write this so we can share this with the stationery world! I am so proud to be working alongside this most dynamic, talented group of women to make a positive difference in the world. I hope to see you there!