The Portraits of Lili Di Prima

I’ve always thought that with the proliferation of digital photography, the pendulum would eventually swing the other way, and artistic renderings would again rule the day. Stumbling across the charming work of Lili Di Prima seems to back this idea up.

Her meticulous portraits of families — including children and pets — capture the essence of each subject, as well as a moment in time, in a way a photograph could never do. These promise to be cherished keepsakes of loved ones that will endure for posterity. 22352499840_1541623a14_o 21923796814_c37ca7dbf5_o 22546523425_0e3bf9f384_o22520521156_03294d6313_oChoose from portraits of individuals, pets or groups with oval cutouts; stretched canvases with digital files; wedding invitations; printable holiday cards; stickers; magnets — even temporary tattoos!

Check out Lili’s Etsy shop to buy a listing — and make sure to read the fine print about turnaround times. After all, these aren’t Polaroid photos — classic portraiture takes time!17038236691_7e14ee6f02_o