The Moving Silhouettes of Go Carr Go

If you have seen our Winter 2021 issue of Stationery Trends, hopefully you saw a new favorite maker of mine, Kathryn Carr of Go Carr Go. All her imagery derives from her hand-cut paper art, and I think you’ll agree hers is a most enchanting world!

A Reel Rabbit from Kathryn Carr on Vimeo.

Kathryn’s work is influenced by storybooks from her childhood and a German type of folk art known as “scherenschnitte,” which literally translates to “scissor cuts.” Although they don’t “move” per se, her cards distill a lot of movement and emotion into two dimensions.

There’s a definite fairy tale vibe, so it’s not too surprising that Kathryn started creating illustrations for children’s books. Lizbeth Lou Got a Rock in Her Shoe was Kathryn’s first go.

Then, late in 2020, Lotte’s Magical Paper Puppets was published by Page Street Kids. This charming release recounts the life & adventures of Lotte Reiniger, who produced the first feature-length animated movie a full decade before Disney released Snow White. The time is definitely right for this trailblazer to receive her due, especially when it concerns inspiring the next generation!

The book got precious ink in no less than The New York Times, and the copy Kathryn kindly sent me is a joy to lose oneself in and learn more about Reiniger’s special magic.

I am also loving the behind-the-scenes peeks Kathryn sent along. See that figure above on the right? You can see her coming slowly to life below, along with theatre and train scenes.

Shop it all here, and if you are headed to Faire next week, you can find Go Carr Go there as well. She’s running some great specials, so make sure to swing by to get a gander at these modern classics!

Run rabbit run from Kathryn Carr on Vimeo.