Your Story, in Paint Strokes

Many in our stationery community are already very well-acquainted with Sadie Piller. Until late 2019, she was busy moving up Paper Source’s corporate ladder, finally settling as its Director of Merchandising. For me, she was my main contact at the brand, and her insights were always a valuable addition to seminar panels I moderated or Stationery Trends articles I wrote. When it comes to cards and stationery, Sadie has a great eye, which is underscored by a background in finance.

It’s a heady, powerful combination, and while I was initially surprised to hear she had left Paper Source, I knew it wouldn’t be the last I’d be hearing from Sadie. I was so glad I was right, because I am simply smitten with her latest endeavor: STORiBRUSH.

STORiBRUSH are personalized paint by numbers, with a stylized twist. Imagewise, your canvas is as customizable as a Chipotle burrito — paint any photograph, quote or message —  but you choose one of six vibrant palettes to bring it to artful, distinctive life.

So that photograph of Grandma will look different depending on which monochromatic palette you choose: classic black + white; sepia; rose; sea foam; ocean; or violeta.

classic black + white
sea foam

The deceptively simple choices made above really dictate the results. Once you upload your image, it will be converted into a paint-by-numbers map on a 16″x20″ canvas. It will be paired with five paints and brushes and shipped your way for free.

What kind of results you get definitely depend on your design decisions.

Coolest of all, you can preview your image first in paint-by-number form, then by palette. All you need to do is paint it to life!

Meanwhile, I am also a VERY amateur painter, and am going to try STORiBRUSH for myself. Both my daughter and I want to do one — Veronica wants to do our dog Scout, I want either a family or house portrait. So we are each going to do one, and I will be sharing the results in my IG feed when we’re done.

Congratulations to the lovely Sadie on this new exciting endeavor, and to everyone else, I hope you take this creative journey with me and give STORiBRUSH a spin. Your masterpiece starts here!

All photographs in this post courtesy of Shaylee Brown Photography